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All majors and minors in Philosophy at UNLV are eligible to apply forour annual essay contest. The contest is named for thepragmatist William James, who is known for his eloquent and elegantphilosophical essays. Submissions may be on any philosophicaltopic and from any philosophical approach. Submissions may be aterm paper or a revised term paper no longer than 30 pages (preferablyshorter). We are particular interested in essays that contain asingle sustained philosophical argument.

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This is a place for philosophical essays by faculty, current students, and alumni philosophy majors, designed to attract readers keen on thinking philosophically in the format of the “occasional essay.” The essays should be (more or less) stand-alone essays that do not require expert background knowledge, but do exhibit the ways in which philosophical reflection can be woven into everyday life, special events, or topics of general interest. There is no restriction on content, but we are looking to post essays that combine entertainment with seriousness. This is not a site for ponderous, meticulous research, but more of a catchall page for essays combining whimsy with philosophical insights. This is a guideline, however, rather than a strict rule. Exhibited essays are chosen at the discretion of the editors of this page.

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Here is how to write an analysis of a philosophical essay for this class "This new edition of Martinich’s classic handbook is a treasure-trove of clear and intelligent advice about how to write philosophy essays. It is the product of decades of reflection by a master teacher about how to help students master the skills of philosophical thinking, reading, and writing. With excellent exposition and illuminating examples Martinich talks through the process of writing a quality philosophy essay, and the book is filled with excellent advice, bits of wise guidance, warnings, and helpful strategies. Teaching philosophy typically involves written assignments, and there are few places to turn for help about how to write an excellent philosophical essay. Martinich’s book is simply the best book available on the subject. Part of the book deals with informal logic and the process of argumentation, but to me the most helpful chapters deal with composition and the process of writing itself – of identifying a topic, arriving at a theme or problem for a paper, developing a strategy for dealing with it, and writing coherent paragraphs and beyond. Martinich takes the whole process seriously and walks the student through it with wit, sensitivity, and attention to detail. All of us have students who can benefit from Martinich’s guidance. Writing with such clarity and sensitivity about how to think and write philosophy is a remarkable achievement; the book is a resource that every philosophy teacher should know and recommend." Michael Morgan, Indiana University

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In this philosophical essay I have presented many contradictions and paradoxes that intensify the enjoyment that a person viewing the sculptures can experience. The process of making a bronze is quite complex compared to the first impression of simplicity and the direct sensation of lightness and ease.

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