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You have had it with your job and you want to quit. Do so with class and hand in the best police resignation letter you can manage to write. Things may look bleak, but you can go out in style. Here are a few examples that you might want to use. Feel free to add some tweaks to make it your own. Remember to be honest but still try to sound grateful, since you need that letter of recommendation for your next job.

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If you are planning to resign from your job, you need to do it in a professional manner. Whether relationships at work have soured, you have a great new job to go to, or you are leaving for another reason, you need to handle your resignation well. Wait until you are absolutely certain you are going to leave and write a clear and polite resignation letter. Whatever the reaction, remain professional and try not to cut your ties in case you need the contacts in the future.

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Erring on the side of caution with a polite resignation letter means you won't burn bridges. I think that a polite resignation letter should always express gratitude about being employed with the company, but I disagree that you should mention details about why you are leaving. I think if you list that you found another opportunity that offered you more career growth opportunities that should be fine.

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While you should plan to resign in person (if possible), for record-keeping purposes, it is a good idea to provide your employer with a polite resignation letter that clearly outlines when you will be leaving the organization and thanks your employer for the opportunities you have had.

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