Journal of Interdisciplinary History, xv1:4 (Spring 1986), 645-665

This past winter both the outgoing director of the CIA and a separate Pentagon report declared political instability in Mexico to be on a par with Pakistan and Iran as top-ranking threats to US national security. It was an exaggeration; Mexico is not yet a "failed state." On the other hand, it is certainly drifting in that direction.

the political instability in Mexico during its first four decades of independence.

The war and subsequent defeat spawned political instability in Mexico and led to a new despotic regime and eventually to another civil war–the Mexican Revolution.

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Political instability in Mexico's poorest states is a reoccurring phenomenon The last twenty years of the 1800s witnessed economic growth stimulated variously by the railroads, coal mining some twenty miles upriver, and the introduction of onion farming in 1898, which opened the area north of the city to irrigated farming. The population of Laredo rose from 3,521 in 1880 to 13,429 by 1900. This period also witnessed a memorable political confrontation, which took place the day after a hotly contested city election in April 1886. The two political factions-the Botas, representing the new commercial class that had arrived with the railroads, and the Guaraches, representing the older elite-engaged in a shootout on San Agustín Plaza. Estimates of the dead range from more than a dozen to sixty, with a likely total of twenty-five to forty suggested by some recent historians (see ). Out of the violence later emerged the , a machine that tightly controlled city and county elections until 1978. Laredo was also a hotbed of activity for anti-Porfirio Díaz activist exiles between the years 1890 and 1910. After the of 1910 and the subsequent political instability in Mexico, Laredo became a refuge for thousands of Mexican citizens seeking a stable, peaceful, and more economically secure environment.

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Mexico is not entirely innocent either. Are Mexicans ashamed of the in which Mexican revolutionary forces torched an American town killing 10 civilians? Every time there is political instability in Mexico it spills over the border, now we have elements of your drug cartels enlisting gangs in our cities to sell their drugs.

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