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But no one is exactly rolling out the red carpet. “The City of Toronto, through its film permitting activities … does not seek out pornographic film production nor does it offer or allow permits for the purposes of such filming on City of Toronto property,” Zaib Shaikh, the city’s film commissioner, said in an emailed statement.

The film features the voices of consumers, critics, and pornography producers and performers

But pimps are exactly what they are, says Donny Pauling, a former pornography producer in California who recruited more than 500 women over nine years.

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10 Madelyne suggested that the doctors might be receiving kick-backs from the pornography producers
A documentary on pornography that includes the voices of consumers, critics and pornography producers and performers. Brown students can borrow the DVD from the Health Education library, 3rd floor of Health Services.

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In Los Angeles County, considered the headquarters of the adult entertainment industry, revenues are up to about $500 million a year. But Ross said production has dropped sharply in the wake of stepped-up enforcement efforts by local authorities, including a move to prosecute pornography producers under state pandering laws.

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[Editor's Note: All of the pornography producers interviewed for this FRONTLINE program say that they would never be involved in child pornography.]In all other states hardcore pornography production is a tricky legal situation. Not only because of possible criminal penalties or prosecution but because of the validity of the model releases. One of the standard contracts in adult entertainment is the model release. It’s the contract that every performer is required to sign to release their rights to the producer to forever use their images and videos for all purposes all over the world. Basically, the model release is the foundation of the entire industry. A signed model release by the performers allow the release of the scene or movie to the public for sale.One of the nation's most prominent pornography producers is suing Los Angeles County in federal court to overturn a new law requiring actors to wear condoms during filming.Many states have statutes similar to the California Civil Code section 3344. Florida, Illinois, Hawaii and Minnesota have even a more restrictive law to the production of hardcore pornography then most other states. In Florida, prostitutes are legally allowed to sue their pimps for profits of their labor. In Florida hardcore pornography production is still considered prostitution and pandering. For example, Florida statute section 796.07 defines prostitution as;