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IPS examiners are familiar with relevant rules and regulations regarding pre employment investigations. They have extensive experience conducting pre employment polygraph exams and conducting background investigations.

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About the pre employment polygraph. Some employers are permitted to use a polygraph test as part of their employment process, however there are a number of restrictions imposed on the use of polygraphs in the United States.

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Questions about the employment polygraph? Find answers to frequently asked questions about pre employment polygraph tests. Which employers are permitted to use them?. In a law enforcement preemployment polygraph examination, the questions include, but are not limited to, job related inquiries as the theft from previous employers, falsification of information on the job applications, the use of illegal drugs, and criminal activities. The test questions may be limited in the time span they cover, and all are reviewed and discussed with the examinee during a pre-test interview before any polygraph testing is done. There are no surprise or trick questions.

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The 1998 Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA), generally outlawed pre employment polygraph exams. However, the legislation exempted local, state and federal government from restrictions. Money couriers, armed security guards and certain aspects of the drug industry are also exempted. A well constructed, professionally administered polygraph exam as an intergral part of a background investigation can help an employer hire and retain good employees. Our job is not to make hire/no hire determinations for the employer but to furnish detailed information so employers can make informed hiring decisions. A pre employment polygraph exam can:

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