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f. If the employee presents an informal oral response along with the written informal grievance, the appropriate official is responsible for summarizing the employee’s presentation in writing, including the date of presentation, and for obtaining the grievant’s written concurrence that the written summary is a reasonably accurate statement of the grievance. The official must do this prior to attempting to resolve the grievance.


Under the existing framework, exceptions to lack of novelty that can be claimed under Article 30 of the Patent Law are limited to inventions that became publicly-known as a result of conducting experiments, presentation in printed publications, presentation via the Internet, presentation in writing at academic conferences designated by the Commissioner of the Patent Office, or display at specific exhibitions such as exhibitions designated by the Commissioner of Patents.

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Many practical tips will be provided to improve your presentation in writing Our most important advice for interviewees is: Just as you would prepare for any other important business meeting, it is imperative that you set aside specific time to prepare for your phone or personal interview. It is preferable to prepare your presentation in writing as you do not want to forget anything important in your background. Begin by reviewing your background against what you know of the job requirements. Outline the primary strengths you would bring to the position.

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The purpose of this paper is to develop a theoretical framework throughliterature review on how children utilize various modes of presentationin writing processes, and how this multimodal event affects theirwritten discourse structures. The content includes three subdivisions:(1) Modes of symbolic representation, (2) Children's drawing in writingprocesses, and (3) Children's written discourse structures. Drawing isa form of iconic representation to reflect the distinctive features ofthe represented experience (Bruner, 1964); a graphic image to draw whatthey know, not what they see (Piaget, 1969); and a graphic speech toconceptualize an internal representation of a story (Vygotsky, 1978).Drawing pictures may help beginning writers formulate and organizetheir thought in the less conventional and freerform of graphic symbolism. Drawing may help children developcharacters, plot and theme in a story. Very little research was foundon understanding the functions of drawing in children's writingprocesses and written discourse structures. Thus, this literaturereview endeavours to provide theoretical grounds for further research.

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