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Grammar Choices is a guide to the choices available to academic writers in English. Although there are certainly some rules governing acceptable and unacceptable grammar, there are far more choices to be made among grammatically acceptable forms that have different meanings. The ability to control these meanings will help students communicate more effectively and efficiently in graduate-level and professional academic writing. Grammar Choices is a different kind of grammar book: It is written for graduate students, including MBA, master's, and doctoral candidates, as well as postdoctoral researchers and faculty. Additionally, it describes the language of advanced academic writing with more than 300 real examples from successful graduate students and from published texts, including corpora. Activities encourage students to investigate the language choices that are typical of their own academic disciplines or professional fields through structured reading and writing activities. Grammar Choices is cross-referenced with Academic Writing for Graduate Students, 3rd edition (Swales & Feak, 2012).

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professional and academic writing 2 Professional academic writing is a rewarding experience that benefits both the reader and the writer! Without academic writers, the world would be a much more ignorant, unenlightened place. To become an academic writer, all individuals have to do is start putting several key behaviors into practice. To become a professional academic writer start with these five steps:

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