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Six Degrees of Consumerism will take students through the process of developing, constructing, and marketing an original product for a fictional company. Students will study a variety of topics including what makes an informed consumer, the types and uses of propaganda techniques in advertising, how technology can be used to create, market, and sell a product, and the importance of interpersonal skills and teamwork

To help you study for the tests on persuasive/propaganda techniques used in advertising.

This unit will take one week or five teaching days. The first two days involve teacher-led discussions identifying the seven most common propaganda techniques used in advertising. The next day involves looking at magazines and newspapers and identifying three ads that exemplify each of the seven different types of propaganda. During the fourth day, students will work in groups and create an advertisement using one propaganda techniques. On day five, students will present their advertisements to the class and have the class identify the propaganda technique demonstrated.

Propaganda - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

recognize common errors in reasoning, unmask propaganda techniques in advertising, and more Start with inquiry and class discussion for a critical analysis of the propaganda techniques used in the advertisements below. Use these as daily mini-lessons or teach them over the course of a couple of days. Let the questions guide each discussion, alter the questions to fit your instructional needs or come up with some questions of your own.

Endless Propaganda: The Advertising of Public Goods

The exercise, "identifying propaganda techniques in advertising," is one of numerous offbeat methods used to nurture gifted pupils who are pulled out of regular classes and enrolled in Willingboro's Program for Academically Talented Students, or PATS.

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