The psychological effects of videogames on young people

I personally find this footage absolutely disgusting however the game has been bought by 12 million people worldwide. And who is the audience for such a game? Why 15 year old boys, of course. Because 15 year old boys are considered “mature” by gaming executives. Who else would you want playing such a wonderful game? Children, of course, who can not even drive a car or buy alcohol. Thank goodness we have marketing executives to make sure our children can do naughty inappropriate things while they are still young! But wait a minute! I was told that you have to be 17 to watch a movie that contains explicit sexual content. Oh well, who cares, right?
Anyway, I think this clip will give me a great jumping off point for my paper as I analyze the differences between the two games: Rapelay and Grand Theft Auto. In addition to looking at the game, I would like to analyze the cultural acceptance of these types of games in both Japan and the United States. Why would the United States ban Rapelay and not Grand Theft Auto? Is it the issue of rape? Hopefully by further analyzing the games and secondary sources on the psychological effects of violent video games, I will uncover the truth behind the appeal of these games.

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The debate about the psychological effects of violent video games doesn't need any more fuel, but it can't be denied that the industry is filled to the brim with violence. Look no further than the wild popularity of tactical military shooters for proof of what sells in the gaming market. The question, then, is why do we find it so enjoyable to gun down enemy after enemy on the virtual battlefield? Psychology writer Jamie Madigan has some ideas, and it goes beyond the thrill of getting to be a hero.

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examine the psychological effects of violent video games. The first study examined the amount and context of violence in video games popular with children. Needless to say, the psychological effects of violent video games remains to be a highly-debated issue. We look forward to hearing your comments.

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