The Psychology of Road Rage: How Cars ..

This research is no longer cutting edge (James gave the testimony in 1997), but has it been absorbed and applied? How many first-time drivers hit the road prepared to deal with the psychology of road rage?

Carole's Insights into the Psychology of Road Rage on this live interview on London Today.

This edition focuses on attitudes and includes a feature on friends and how they affect a driver's judgement and ability; an interview with England rugby international Jamie Noon about the psychology of road rage; a sports psychologist who talks about attitudes to driving; and a powerful and moving article by a girl who lost her brother in a road crash.

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Charles County; In the Limelight: Officer Robert Powell; A Brief Psychology of Road Rage. We can peek inside the head of an aggressive driver thanks to some timeless research from psychologist Leon James. In the late 1990s, James analyzed thousands of messages between drivers posted on internet discussion groups. He found that good-natured people often became intolerant and anti-social the moment they pull into traffic. Congressional testimony given by James, posted on Network blog , explains the psychology of road rage and how automobiles serve to depersonalize others.

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The psychology of Road Rage violence in relation to traffic events