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Are you interested in app monetization but not sure what works? There is a ton of bad information out there on best practices and developer tips. There is NOTHING out there though like the research Atley has done in the area of in app purchase psychology.

“It is a time to eat, drink, and be merry,” says Camille Anthony, a Purchase psychology major.

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“It is a time to eat, drink, and be merry,” says Camille Anthony, a Purchase psychology major Retailers can influence the customer’s purchase psychology through social proof by showcasing reviews from real customers on their product pages. Leading private-sales site for wine invino used this strategy to present real product reviews complete with users Facebook profile. This led to an increase in user engagement and an .

Buying cycle is a critical part of purchase psychology

A: Having launched within the last year a free web game, Reset Generation, I've come to discover just how violent and horrifying the free-games/social gaming market truly is. And I've come to question: Does brand loyalty exist in free gaming? Or do the spoils go only to the aggregator? Think purchase psychology: People are generally psychologically happier with purchases that they are locked into, because they rationalize that happiness. People are generally psychologically less happy with products which can be switched out on a whim. In short, managing scope vs. quality to produce outstanding product is not guaranteed dominance in the free games market.

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