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If you are writing a research paper on career; then, the topic of your paper would obviously be the career that you want to choose in the future. If you like psychiatry; then, the topic of your paper will be about the career in psychiatry.

Present findings from Staff Interviews in your research paper on careers in education

When Sharon (Tavery) Pfeuffer (BSE ’84) was a freshman in high school, she interviewed a chemical engineer at Detroit Edison for a research paper on careers. His work sounded intriguing to her and four years later she ended up at Michigan in the College of Engineering, ready to select chemical engineering as her major. She realized quickly she had chosen one of the toughest curricula in the College, one where some of the classes in the early 80s had 50% failing rates, graded on the curve. It helped that she roomed with two classmates, Margo (Radwan) Heberling and Sandy Marikis. At one point, the graphical version of the steam tables from Thermodynamics was the “art” on the wall in their campus apartment. The ChEs were sure their fourth non-engineer roommate was ready to get rid of them by graduation!

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Rubric for Research Paper on Careers in Biology Author: Jeffrey L. Miller Last modified by: Jeffrey L. Miller Created Date: 8/19/2005 1:57:00 AM Company: IUPUI Student I'm writing a research paper on careers we would like to pursue after college. I selected forensic as the new topic, but I can hardly find any credible sources on it. Can you name some reliable sources, books and articles -- not on the web preferably -- that has in-depth information?

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