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Free Research Paper on Sleep Deprivation Since I started eighth grade, I have noticed that when listening to my teachers lecture, I have a tendency to zone out. However, this is not on purpose, it is due to my fatigue, which stems from a lack of sleep. Once I finish a class and am out…

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I have taken many psychology classes and am well associated with sleep paralysis. However, I am also a very spiritual person. One night when I was sitting on the couch watching television, I felt a dark presence enter the house and could see a sort of figure coming towards me from my left. The figure was cloudy in nature and some how it quickly came towards me and it was if it entered my chest. I was thrown flat on my back and could not move so much as a finger. My arms were straight by my side and it was if something was not only sitting on my chest, but my entire body. I am very aware of my surroundings and am not one to panic in any situation. I took note of the fact that I could feel myself being pushed into the couch. I remember feeling the soft material of the couch rubbing my skin and the pillow that was beside me falling to the floor. My friend was sleeping in the next room and I tried to call to him, but could only manage an unrecognizeable moan instead of his name. I fought and fought with everything that I could muster for what felt like forever when suddenly I was released. However, the shape had not left. It was hovering right above me and slowly began to move across the room toward the kitchen form which it came. I could still see the dark, cloudy figure, and watched as it went straight through the wall unscaved. For days I thought about the situation and couldn't seem to come to an answer. I'd written a research paper on sleep paralysis in school, I'd heard stories of the hag, and I had made up my mind that no such demon existed, but after that night, I'm not sure. I've never been one with problems sleeping. I do have dreams of things to come, and have had several situations in which I told my friend Stubbie something was going to happen and he was quite "freaked out" when it actually did, just as I had predicted. I'm not crazy. I don't think I was "abducted by aliens", but something did happen that night, and it wasn't merely sleep paralysis...

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Free Research Paper on Sleep Deprivation I once did a research paper on sleep and dreams and although we don't know a lot about that kind of stuff, we do know that everyone dreams. Whether you remember the dream or not depends on when you wake up. Every night you go through 5 sleep cycles. One of those cycles is about an hour and a half of dreaming, and if you wake up during that cycle, you remember your dream. Idk abt your case, but maybe you aren't waking up at the right time. Sorry if anything in this is wrong I'm not an expert.

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