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It was reported that Nulty did try to tender his resignation via email to the office of the Ceann Comhairle earlier in the week, but was told he must do it in a letter which was sent and received by the office of Seán Barrett on Monday.

Seven years on the same job is not something to blow off by resigning via email

So, yes, it seems you can resign via email but it's a bit weak. How about you just go in with a printed version of said email, sign it and avoid any kind of mess/fight with this company.

Resigning via email is poor form and very unprofessional and immature

Do you guys think its unprofessional to submit resignation letter via email or do you think it should be done in person? Sample resignation email. It is usually better to resign in person and hand over a formal letter of resignation. However if the situation demands that you resign via email you can adapt this basic email resignation letter for your own use.

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Please can someone offer some advice?

I resigned on Friday via email and said I would work my month's notice. I had spoken to my boss the day before about wanting to resign and she said she accepted my resignation even before I had said formally just that I was thinking about it. I then spoke to her again on the Friday post resigning via email where she tried to persuade me to stay and kept saying that she would put my letter aside until we spoke again the next week to make sure it was what I wanted. I said no,I would like her to forward the email to HR then and it was my decision.

Today I was contacted saying that an email would not be accepted as they need my signature. As I was not told this on Friday the way the days work this will mean I have to work an extra week in a job I really dislike and am treated very badly in. I believe it must have taken so long to know I needed a signature because she kept with holding my resignation.

In my contract it does not mention needing a signature, just that it must be in writing (and I believe you write an email especially when it came from my secure personal work email which requires me to sign in to use).

Can anyone advise me if I can legally stick to my first notice date where resigned by writing an email.


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