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Bishop Dwenger High School makes every effort to keep tuition costs at the lowest possible level while providing a quality Catholic education for young men and women throughout the greater Fort Wayne area. We understand that some families may find it difficult to fully cover the cost of tuition and fees. In order to assist families in meeting the rising cost of education, Bishop Dwenger has put together a comprehensive tuition assistance program.

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Currently there are several sources of revenue that provide the resources needed for the education and formation of the seminarians of the diocese: the Annual Bishop’s Appeal, the Pentecost annual collection for seminarian support, and the Saint John Paul II Fund for Seminarian Education. Based on the rising cost of education, the present number of seminarians and the projected increase in the number of our seminarians, we seek to increase the Saint John Paul II Fund for Seminarian Education endowment.

Finding a Solution to the Rising Cost of Education

A recent study blamed the rising cost of education nationally on an increase in highly paid administrators. Parents and students in America are facing the harsh reality that education may soon be available only to those who can afford it – wealthy people that is – not the middle class or poor. Tuition costs are currently rising at a rate of about 7% every year. That’s over triple the rate of inflation – which is currently about 2%. With tuition costs rising at this rate, and the interest rates rising on private student loans, it is no wonder many high school students – who once aspired to go to college – are now fearful of the debt they will incur with higher learning. In addition, most careers don’t offer salaries to compensate for the cost of college. Therefore, many students have chosen not to go to college. There are many models of higher education outside of the Unites States that America can look at and follow, such as Europe’s free higher education model. Some colleges even pay students to attend college. There are many other countries America can emulate, or simply take a second look at to learn how they handle the rising cost of education. One such example is the Philippines, where they only allow tuition raises depending on the institution’s financial need to raise costs. The best outcome would be to make higher education affordable for the future leaders of America.

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The Rising Cost of Higher Education (Based on 4 years of school). By 2023, costs at a private university may reach $335,062, and costs at a public university may reach $145,311.

An Inquiry into the Rising Cost of Higher Education

The Center for Scholarship Information created the 49er Textbook Scholarship in partnership with the Forty-Niner Shops to help alleviate the rising cost of textbooks for both undergraduate and graduate students. The goal is to increase access to books so these students may focus on their academic endeavors and become contributing members of society. Contribute to this fund and help students curb the rising cost of education.