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Introducing the OSS alternative is a challenging and long term work. The discovery by the community of the OSS is in its infancy, helped by NGOs and universities who are promoting the concept. IML will offer opportunities to both developers and end users to benefit from the OSS initiative, by offering a proof of concept enterprise environment for its practical implementation and its promotion on the market. IML will develop and implement sample capstone projects proposed by LU and NDU, taking them from the drawing board to the real world, overseeing interns who will learn to create a product that will benefit its end-users. IML’s experience in the infrastructure field will be put to good use for the setup of the technical centre of the project, rounding up its contribution in all the project activities. IML will actively promote the use of OSS as viable alternatives on the market, opening the doors to helping those who are yet to benefit from the advances in OSS IT. Its role is in 6.2

There are many places on the internet which offer free sample capstone projects

If you do have a sample capstone project, there are a few useful ways to use it. The first is to look at how it is organized. While many capstone project assignments require students to include particular elements, professors rarely give instructions on how to organize those elements. Seeing a sample will provide some direction. Students can also use the samples to see how long the project should be and how to include the best information to support the project idea.

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There are many places on the internet which offer free sample capstone projects. It may be tempting to take one of them and use it as your own capstone. This is a very bad idea, because these same cheap sample capstone project papers have been floating around the internet for years, used over and over by students who are not aware of the dangers of plagiarism.

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