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prisons. Some killers though, are truly insane. There is a fine line, as well as a good defense attorney, as to which side you fall on, sane or insane.

10. Needing help from your friends sometimes is: sain, sane or insane?

5.When your cult leaders berate you for sharing useful non-cult sanctioned information with the other cult members, does that make you: sain, sane or insane?

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Sane or Insane By Party standards, Winston is considered insane. However, I believe he is one of the few sane members in that society. Today, what is sane or insane is determined by a matter of opinions. What is considered rational or irrational may be different for each person. In terms of appropriate behavior and morals, both areas are determined by what is best for the society and every person in it. If one's government said it was not wrong to kill, then people might do so. It all has to do with what one perceives to be right or wrong.

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Sanity and insanity are relative; one cannot be without the other. As Winston desperately tries to hold on to the past and the Party tries to rewrite the past, Winston deems those who blindly follows the Party as insane, but he is deemed insane by the Party. If insanity arises when one does not conform to the opinions of the majority, insanity determined in one circumstance and by one group of people cannot truly be insane if others are found to be in agreement. What may seem sane to one may seem insane to another; however, whether the sane or insane side dominates is dependent on the social norms and accepted codes, signs, and truth.

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In Shakespeare's play Hamlet the main character Hamlet experiences many different and puzzling emotions. He toys with the idea of killing himself and then plays with the idea of murdering others. Many people ask themselves who or what is this man and what is going on inside his head. The most common question asked about him is whether or not he is sane or insane. Although the door seems to swing both ways many see him as a sane person with one thought on his mind, and that is revenge. The first point of his sanity is while speaking with Horatio in the beginning of the play, secondly is the fact of his wittiness with the other characters and finally, his soliloquy.Insanity is determined by the society we live in based upon the opinions and the comparisons of others. Everyone has a different opinion of what is sane or insane. I agree with Ashton that sanity and morals are determined by the environment we live in. In Winston's society, he is considered insane because he does not believe in the Party and their ways like double think. However, in our society, I think Winston would be considered normal even if he questions the government or stands out in some weird way. He would still be sane.