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Companies, corporations and organizations often use ways to understand how their customers perceive their products. This allows them to gain a better understanding of what can be changed, while maintaining their core mission and vision. One way companies, corporations and organizations build upon the strengths of their brand is through the use of the Semantic Differential survey.

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All Health Care Administration concentration students complete an MPH competency survey which will assess your strengths and weaknesses that you can then build on. Each course also includes a mini capstone experience that allows you to apply your learnings to real-world health care scenarios in a controlled environment under the direct supervision of your instructor. Projects include a risk assessment, the use of the semantic differential survey tool, the creation of a strategic blueprint and a grant proposal.

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Interested in reading a sample paper on the Semantic Differential survey Grid questions have also been improved to include support for semantic differential survey questions. This is a grid with opposite values on the left and right of the scale.

The semantic differential survey is a fancy name for a simple idea

How might this work? If the emotional measurement tool is a semantic differential survey, for example, have the project team and stakeholders decide on an existing set of emotion adjectives define their own set of positive terms (Calm, Excited, In Control) that are most appropriate. Balance the scale with the antonyms for each positive term and have the team fill in the goal states. Taking the prior example of filing taxes online, perhaps Calm is a realistic outcome that you would want users to strongly experience while Excited might be asking a little too much, but neither do you want user to feel Apathetic.

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