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This special section highlights scholarship in the areas of sexual identity across a range of intersecting identities in digital media and technology. Articles in this special section examine various digital media platforms including youtube, digital exports, mediated films for training purposes, and television. They examine the specific ways in which people use digital media to challenge, redefine, and perpetuate dominant constructions of sexuality and desire, as well as insert bodies, sex, and sexual performances into virtual spaces. Our goals for this special forum were to (1) unpack the intersections of race, class, gender, and sexuality within digital media contexts; (2) focus on the processes of experiencing sexuality within social and digital media spaces; (3) examine the queer potential of social media; and (4) offer a comprehensive understanding of sexuality and digital media from various methodologies, critical perspectives, and areas within communication, gender, sexuality, and media studies.

Television history, theory and criticism; media convergence; media production studies; media audience studies; gender, sexuality and media

Had the book really explored the "nexus of these threefields/issues," as Claussen claims it does, the content andorganization would have been very different. For example, it isconceivable that one section might have focused on scholarship inreligious studies that explores sexuality and media, another onreligion and sexuality explored from the standpoint of media andcultural studies, and another on media and religion from theperspective of sexuality and gender studies. Unfortunately, this isnot the case, and the volume does little to advance the fieldtheoretically except for a fine essay by Felix Herndon and ValerieSmith. Had their contribution served as the frontispiece of thebook from which all other studies and essays branched out, it wouldhave been a much stronger and more exciting contribution toliterature in this area. However, as Herndon and Smith note,"[s]exuality has long been interpreted as a subsidiary function intheories whose main foci are elsewhere" (218). Unfortunately, thereis ample evidence of this trend within with the further problem that religion also receives subsidiarytreatment by many of the contributors.

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Figure A: Inter-relationship Between Interactions, Sexuality and Media……………..105 In the summer of 2014 the Detroit Youth Passages Youth Sexuality and Media Meeting will convene journalists to discuss how youth sexuality, sexual vulnerabilities, and health are covered and reported on in both traditional and new media outlets. We will consider how researchers and journalists can work more closely together on sharing research findings and implications with the public and key audiences. The conversation will also include a focus on how Detroit and other urban areas are portrayed and reported on in the media.

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Steele, J. R. (1999). Teenage sexuality and media practice: Factoring in the influences of family, friends and school. The Journal of Sex Research, 36, 331-341.

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