Marijuana: social benefit or social detriment

95 F.3d 1475 (10th Cir. 1996) involved acriminal defendant who moved under RFRA to dismiss the marijuana chargesbrought against him. Mr. Meyers "testified that he is the founder andReverend of the Church of Marijuana and that it is his sincere belief that hisreligion commands him to use, possess, grow and distribute marijuana for thegood of mankind and the planet earth." Id. at 1479. The Tenth Circuitconsidered whether Mr. Meyers's convictions were "religious beliefs,"or whether the convictions instead amounted to "a philosophy or way oflife." Id. at 1482. The Tenth Circuit adopted the district court's findingthat, in light of the secular nature of Mr. Meyers's views on the medical,therapeutic, and social benefits of marijuana, "Meyers' beliefs moreaccurately espouse a philosophy and/or way of life rather than a'religion.'" Id. at 1484.

social benefits of marijuana

(Note: This month Andrew Sullivan released a compilation from his blog readers entitled "The Cannabis Closet." I have only read snippets from the online posts upon which the book is based, but based on those, I can say this will be an important work for illuminating the social benefits of marijuana use by ordinary people.

Medical Marijuana: Benefits, Risks & State Laws

I think scientists sometimes overlook the social benefits of marijuana “Bush Doctor,” while not as explicit as Tosh’s better-known song “Legalize It,” makes an argument for the medical and social benefits of marijuana in clear, understandable (albeit Jamaican-accented) English.

Social and Economic Benefits of Cannabis Regulation

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