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A 1980 sociological research paper surveyed scientists on their attitude to the most common traditional beliefs about themselves and their profession. Some of the interesting results:

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Hi,I read your comments and I just had an idea for my sociological research paper. Hmm, why do you guys patronize starbucks among any other coffee shops here in the Philippines? I’ll appreciate your help. Thanks a lot!

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The format for these papers will be that of a sociological research paper I have chosen to do my paper as a participant observer of the power structure within a particularunit of the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets. The unit is "L" squadron, the female unit of the Corps. The unit is composed of Army and Air Force cadets, and also of women who are cadets only - that is,women who do not intend a military career, but remain in the pseudo military situation by choice. Iwas one of the original members of "L" squadron when women were first admitted to the Corps in 1973.I kept a journal for the three years I remained in the Corps, admittedly not for the purpose of asociological research paper, however, it serves as a record of my perceptions and remembrances of theCorps. This paper will undoubtedly contain a certain amount of researcher bias, but I will try andminimize it.

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An Affected Chaldean’s –Post Tsunami problem in manmuinai North Divisional Secretary, A Sociological Research paper. The International Symposium conducted by SEUSL, 2008

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Functionalist perspective:
The functionalist perspective perceives the world or the society we live in as organism in which each and everything serves a particular function. Therefore, your hypothesis for sociological research papers would be something like this:The distinctive feature of the sociological research paper is tight correlation between theory and practical research. Theories could seem unreliable and meaningless without facts.