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Briefly to summarize the contributions of Small to sociology which are embodied in his books, we should give first place to his work as a historian of sociological thought. Here be has been the most voluminous American contributor, and has rendered a real service in interpreting the developments of Germanic social science in such a fashion as to be of the greatest possible utility to American readers. This was an achievement of the highest importance, and in all probability was one which would not have been performed at all if Small had not executed it. He was also a tireless worker in promoting the cause of sociology in all of his writings. No other American writer devoted as much attention and energy to the program of justifying the existence of sociology as a subject of academic and professional standing and importance. He has been the leading propagandist of sociology in this country, employing the term "propagandist" in its best sense as a form of highly animated and enthusiastic education. He was likewise an indefatigable contributor to the indispensable, if somewhat thankless field of delimiting and justifying the province of sociology, and stating what he believed to be its objectives. If these last two contributions are interpreted, as Small himself interpreted them, to mean an elucidation of the problems of sociological methodology, then he has been our most voluminous contributor to this department of sociological endeavor.

Sociological Methodology is an annual volume on methods of research in the social sciences

(33) -tions." Some may object that the present writer is too narrow or technical in his definition of sociological methodology, but even if we concede that Small was correct in his conception of this field we must admit that, except in the politico-economic province, he wrote and talked primarily sociological method instead of indicating just what it is.

Sociology is the scientific study of society

WEEK TWO (1/30): Philosophy of Science, Research Design, and Sociology Methodology Sociological Methodology is a compendium of new and sometimes controversial advances in social science methodology. Contributions come from diverse areas and have something useful -- and often surprising -- to say about a wide range of topics ranging from legal and ethical issues surrounding data collection to the methodology of theory construction. In short, Sociological Methodology holds something of value -- and an interesting mix of lively controversy, too -- for nearly everyone who participates in the enterprise of sociological research.

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The Clifford Clogg Award is presented for the best paper written by a graduate student that either makes a significant contribution to sociological methodology or that uses existing methodology in an innovative way to address an important substantive problem. The paper must have been written within two years of submission. The author/first author must be a graduate student at the time of submission and all authors must be graduate students when the paper was written.

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