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appropriate vocabulary, grammar, and Standard English writing conventions Arts Education teachers are already implementing components of writing within their classrooms. In addition to assignments that require standard English writing, students studying the arts are required to go through processes which are often a part of writing whenever they are asked to choreograph a dance, compose a piece of music, write a dramatic work, or create a visual art work (see Connections: Literacy and the Arts section of this Handbook). As stated in the English Language Arts Standard Course of Study, "while no one writing process is used by every writer in every piece of writing, students need to understand how to write purposefully and strategically. They need to learn how to generate ideas; to organize and prioritize; to rethink and revise language and ideas; and to edit their own work." These processes can be and are used in arts education classrooms in writing and other forms of communication.

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According to Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of English Usage, both "me writing books" and "my writing books" are correct. Both have been used in standard English writing for 300 years.

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