Alicia Keys - Starbucks Leadership Conference.

The 2012 Starbucks Leadership Conference brought 10,000 partners to Houston, TX for three days of workshops, community service projects, and Keynote with CEO Howard Schultz. Each partner received a customized journal bound with discarded rollstock and divided by chipboard tabs. A disciplined grid system gave structure and hierarchy, allowing the information to speak clearly and efficiently.

The Starbucks Leadership Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. Much much more will follow.

Howard Schultz is a powerful, charismatic leader. This is a man who brings it, each and every single moment. He has strong opinions, he's not afraid to try them, and he's not afraid to course correct and admit mistakes. He has this gift of speaking to an audience of 10,000 of his store managers in the US and Canada and making each one feel like he's speaking directly to them - and that he *gets* it. I know, because I was privileged enough to attend the 2008 Starbucks Leadership Conference in New Orleans, LA. Say what you will about Starbucks or Howard, but there is a *lot* of good done by this one company. Howard chose New Orleans because they were still rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina. The city was suffering. He brought in over 10,000 of his company's leaders and kept us there for five days - we did leadership activities, visited local restaurants, poured money into the tourism economy ... and even more than that, we helped rebuild. Which leads me to...

Edition Bearista Bear from the Starbucks Leadership Conference 2003

Starbucks Leadership Conference - 2012 There is a lot of text on the Sleeve (shown below) with the cover saying "The Experience Matters", with "Starbucks Leadership Conference 2001" in smaller print. Also on the front is the phrase: "Everyday, around the world, one customer at a time". Inside where the Card pocket is, is a gray subtle picture of a bag of coffee beans. Below the Card slot is the wording "Presenting the Starbucks Giftcard". Also worth mentioning is a special number stamped inside the Sleeve, behind where the Card is located. There's a small box with a 4 digit number. The one we have is numbered 2106 (see image below). It's assumed this is the counting number of the approximately 3000 made. Finally the back of the Sleeve says: "Some years back, we began to imagine a giftcard, One that could be given as a way to share the Starbucks Experience. A simple card for customers to use on a daily basis for the beverages, pastries, coffee beans and other must-haves that take their fancy. A convenient, wallet-sized giftcard. A little something special to add to their experience. A little something like what's inside".

Lastly, we should mentioned that the color of the Sleeve is NOT orange (as the top picture shows), but a brownish orange (shown in the larger picture).

2012 Starbucks Global Leadership Conference

Words fail to describe this Starbucked version of Jefferson Starship’s “We Built This City,” written for a Starbucks leadership conference last year. Luckily, projectile vomiting or rushing into your local Starbucks and kicking every one wearing a green apron in the crotch doesn’t. Thanks, we guess, to for finding this.

2012 Starbucks Global Leadership Conference Highlights