Racism Ain't Over: Subconscious Racism

The categories were based on a widely used developed by psychology professor Brian Nosek of the University of Virginia, a pioneer in the use of the IAT to measure subconscious racial bias. Overall the experiment found that most people in the five racial groups had some degree of bias toward the races they were tested against.

The beta-blocking medication propanol could also block subconscious racist attitudes.

While the propranolol group scored significantly lower on the test into subconscious racial bias, there was no significant difference in the subjects' explicit (conscious) attitudes towards other races. There was also no difference in religious and sexual prejudice, or prejudice against drug addicts.

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Confessions of a Subconscious Racist .. It is important to understand that although African Americans have been the victims of discrimination for hundreds of years and may endure the worst of the subconscious racism, one needs to understand the United States is guilty of using race as a justification for inequality against other groups of color. For example, after September 11, polls reported that nearly 60 percent of American public favored racial profiling, at least as long as it was directed at Arabs and Muslims.” (Cole pg. 48) After the events of September 11 the United States government was responsible for the unjust treatment and detainment of thousands of Muslim and Arab males. In order to justify their actions they claimed that individuals were being questioned based on their passport and its country of origin. As a smart educated American we realize that this is a cover up of racism that is so blatantly racist, how many other countries in the world have such diversity as the United States, not many and there for their passport will reflect a race. How about the treatment of the Japanese during WWII, did we really think all of the individuals we relocated to camps were really involved? No but that’s part of the point, to create an otherness between races, a sort of us and them and the coincidence is the “them” is never the whites.

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Having made conscious racism legally and socially verboten, left liberals are increasingly turning their attention to subconscious racism. Among their wackier ideas include treating it with drugs and discouraging whites from (apparently it implicitly promotes white identity).

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"The paper by Mr. Wolfers and Mr. Price has yet to undergo formal peer review before publication in an economic journal, but several prominent academic economists said it would contribute to the growing literature regarding subconscious racism in the workplace and elsewhere, such as in searches by the police."Subconscious racism, in my opinion, comes from ignorance as to what "racism" really means. Many people will say they are not being racist simply because they don't hate any particular race. However, hatred of a race is simply a part of racism, not its definition. The proper definition of racism is believing one race is innately superior or inferior to another race. Hatred of the inferior or superior race often comes from this mentality, but it isn't necessary for you to be a racist. Most of the most racist remarks I have heard have come from people who do not hate the race at all.