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In the past year, under pressure from citizens, the Pakistani government has publicly protested the U.S. use of UAVs while simultaneously requesting control of the planes. Controversy surrounding the use of UAVs has mounted, with critics faulting the UAV campaign for alienating Pakistani citizens and providing recruitment propaganda for the Taliban. The tension has continued to build as the Pakistani Army begins to take on the Taliban near the capital, Islamabad. The CIA and the military do not confirm UAV missile strikes in Pakistan, but some reports claim that up to 370 people have been killed since UAV attacks intensified in August 2008. A recent LA Times Op-Ed quotes a counterinsurgency official claiming the elimination of 14 senior Al Qaeda operatives by UAV attacks since 2006. The official places the civilian death toll during this time at around 700.

What: Inaugural Chucktown Talks presents Maria Toorpakai Wazir, "Taking on the Taliban."

Taking on the Taliban follows The Queens Company into numerous fire fights to
get the intimate and personal story of a small band of men facing the biggest
challenge of their lives, and in the process, capturing unprecedented footage
of the most intense fighting seen by the British Army since the Korean War.

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Taking On The Taliban; Pakistan's 'Immoral Punjabi Entertainment' Against Sharia Law In Punjab!! There are now reports of these special forces fighting off Taliban forces. These are American Special forces taking on the Taliban in the Kunduz airport.

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Just 38% of Pakistanis supported using the Army to fight extremists in NWFP and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), while half opposed such efforts. About one-third (34%) said they would like to see the Army confront al Qaeda, while 52% disagreed with this view. There was even less enthusiasm for taking on the Taliban — 30% favored this approach, 56% opposed it.

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Behind every battle-winning Apache in Afghanistan is a team of unsung heroes working tirelessly to ensure the British Army's gunship is fully serviced, fuelled and fitted with the fire power to take on the Taliban. Pakistanis have been grateful for the solidarity they have been shown in recent days from across the world. As the country takes on the Taliban with a belated but seemingly determined resolve, it appeals for understanding.