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The terrorist attack on twin towers and Fukushima power plant disaster has changed the whole global discourse of safety and security of nuclear weapons. Prior to Fukushima, not much attention has been paid to the safety of the nuclear power plants. On the other hand, a lot of debate has been carried out on the issue of security of the nuclear arsenal. Despite the political turmoil and the country facing both kinetic and non-kinetic threats, its nuclear weapons are still the jewels of her crown. In conclusion, Pakistan has unearthed all the stones to make its nuclear safety and security apparatus stringent. Therefore, it must be understand that Pakistan nuclear weapons are in safe hands. Its security mechanism is so much extensive and deliberates that it can preempt as well as prevent any terrorist attack in future.

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Security has become a primary concern after food and shelter. It is very much important nowadays. Honestly the world is becoming unsecured place day by day. New threats are coming up almost everyday because of terrorism and corruption has exploded in many countries. The importance of security agencies realized better after 911 terrorist attack on twin towers. In the present day there is a critical need of security services and trained guards. People are surrounded by a lot of risk. Every person and business organization are faced with new threats and challenges, to deal with these challenges people need an expert team which can handle these threats and challenges effectively. Hiring a security guard or security guard agency ensures that you are protected all the time from all insecurities and threats like risk of human crimes, threats and mishandlings.

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New Video Of First Plane Hit 911 9/11 9 11 terrorist attack on Twin Towers Word Trade Center - YouTu Bush knew full well that it was Saudi Arabians who were responsible for the terrorist attack on Twin Towers and yet he tried to sheet the blame on to Saddam Hussein. Even though, he was responsible for a lot of suffering, he kept a political balance of sort amongst the various races and religious groups in the country.

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Precisely?? are you asking me Precisely how America+ Europe are creating terrorist ?? and yet you call yourself a journalist? to tell you how Americans support + provide islamic fundamentalism, i have to go abit far perhaps about the time they Supported the same Mojahedin ( Likes of Maryam Rajavi) to overthrow Royal Family of IRAN . then bring these terrorist in power in Iran and YES to complete their mission fabricate a Hostage taking in Iran ( American Hostage crisis ) then support Taliban In Afghanistan , years later after america + its allies attack IRAQ + Afghanistan ( after 2001 so called terrorist attack on twin towers ) they support the Islamist fighters there are lots of pictures of Dear Mrs. Clinton with some of them while visiting Iraq.

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Is global disorder the new global order? No. In fact disorder has existed since the beginning of time. And indeed, the moderator of our session, Mr Nik Gowing, who in his very long and amazing career as an international broadcaster covered such dramatic events as the terrorist attack on Twin Towers, the Gulf War, Kosovo, Mumbai, the death of Lady Diana, the financial meltdown, and the imposition of the Martial law in Poland, which is especially important to me, is living proof that disorder and chaos are an immanent part of our human existence. Perfect order has always been a dream, while the world around us has always been full of conflicts and surprises. The real challenge is not to change the status quo in search of the perfect order. It is beyond human reach. Therefore, the real challenge is to preserve and consolidate our imperfect order which we have enjoyed within the European community. Thank you.