Watch the Dove Evolution film here.

Last year McDonalds Canada launched (more ), a site that invites questions from consumers, and answers even the tough ones like “Why does your food look different in the advertising than what’s in the store?” Turns out the ingredients are the same in both places, one just benefits from the Dove Evolution treatment.

The Dove Evolution spot opens with a woman and make up artist entering ..

Dove soap promotes the concept of “real beauty” (i.e. beauty that is not artificially altered or Photoshopped). Their “Campaign For Real Beauty” is one of the most recognizable marketing campaigns in the last decade. Part of its success came from the Dove Evolution video, which shows how advertisers drastically alter the face of a young woman for a billboard, thereby distorting the way society interprets beauty.

Take the Dove Evolution of Beauty video as an example

The first is the Dove Evolution video about manipulating images for advertising

Doesn't this seem a bit too similar to the Dove Evolution spot

The Dove Evolution viral video has had well over 500 million views