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Oh wow! I was looking for research about the negative effects of video games on adolescents and I read this article. Then i scrolled down and saw the comment about the debate, which is what I will be using the information for as well

In considering the effects of video games on children and which games to give your kids, here are three tips to keep in mind.

Another significant effect of video games is that it is like a addictive hook on the brain. The child keeps on thinking and playing the game over and over in his or her mind even after playing the game itself. It reduces awareness and focus of the child.

The Effects of Violent Video Games

The news is full of stories about the effects of video games on children Still on the negative effects of video games, children tend to pick the bad behaviors more than anything else from the video games. There is a worrying trend in the society where morals have been abandoned by many individuals and they are practicing what they are normally fed by the media. One of the far reaching effects which are corrupting the morals in the society is the stuff being collected from the video games. Recent studies indicate that, most of the nasty behaviors which are seen in teenagers and kids today are got from the media. The culture has been infected with so many bad behaviors from the video games. Such behaviors include pornographic literature which is being used by the young people almost everywhere in our society. Such influence can only be countered by doing away with video games, or parents interfering in order to determine what the youths and the young ones can watch at any given time.

The effects of violent video games. Do they affect our behavior?

Akio Mori, a professor at Tokyo's Nihon University, conducted a recentstudy observing the effects of video games on brain activity. Hedivided 260 people into three groups: those who rarely played videogames, those who played between 1 and 3 hours three to four times aweek, and those who played 2 to 7 hours each day. He then monitored"the beta waves that indicate liveliness and degree of tension in theprefrontal region of the brain, and alpha waves, which often appearwhen the brain is resting" .The results showed a higher decrease of beta waves the more one playedvideo games. "Beta wave activity in people in the [highest amount ofvideo game playing] was constantly near zero, even when they weren'tplaying, showing that they hardly used the prefrontal regions of theirbrains. Many of the people in this group told researchers that they gotangry easily, couldn't concentrate, and had trouble associating withfriends" .This suggests two important points. One, that the decrease of beta waveactivity and usage of the prefrontal region of the brain may correlatewith the aggressive behavior, and two, that the decrease of beta wavescontinued after the video game was turned off, implying a lastingeffect. Another study found similar results and reported: "Youths whoare heavy gamers can end up with 'video-game brain,' in which key partsof the frontal region of their brain become chronically underused,altering moods" .This study also asserts that a lack of use of the frontal brain,contributed by video games, can change moods and could account foraggressive and reclusive behavior. An important question arises: if thebrain is so impacted by video games as to create behavioral changes,must that mean that the brain perceives the games as real?

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