The Effects of Beauty Pageants on Young Girls

Many people have questioned what the effects are of child beauty pageants. Researchers have observed that child participants are highly susceptible to eating disorders and depression as they grow older. Additionally, people see these pageants as a way of sexualizing children at a very young age. Through a series of tests, young girls would rather see themselves dressed in a sexy way rather than an average style. However, parents and participants believe that pageants encourage learning in social settings and winning awards and money is an added bonus. Additionally, they can influence one’s life and make them into a better person. With all of these facts, researchers might question whether or not child beauty pageants should be banned altogether or if they should keep them going like they have been doing for years?

“Little Miss” - - The Psychological Effects of Childhood Beauty Pageants

The psychological effects of beauty pageants is a topic for modern discussion. Not only are beauty pageants possibly damaging to the psychological of competitors, but there may be lasting effects on the lives of women in the United States. Feel free to visit the homepage if you have any questions about the nature of our , and we encourage you to contact our customer support staff if you are worried about .

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i’m writing an independent study paper on the negative effects of child beauty pageants and this helped me a ton! great article! Thank you for your comment, Jennifer. Well, I don’t know whether there are studies regarding the effects of beauty pageants on children but if you could trace for example anorexic or bulimic girls that have been in that industry as children would be great. Other than that, perhaps getting feedback from those children might also help. But I doubt they would provide a non-biased answer, especially cause they are underage and depend on their parents…also they tend to introject the parents’ opinion…. If you have acces to an academic database like ProQuest or EBSCO, you might try and find articles/studies on this subject. The analysis of video footage might also be valid, especially if you can have access to a non-edited version.

Why Children Enter Beauty Pageants

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