The Edgar Allan Poe Museum is definitely an interesting look back in time at houses from another era. It is also a little glimpse back to the life of Edgar Allan Poe. As a museum, it is lacking in much info and/or displays but hopefully time and money will allow them to expand.

The museum is relatively new/under new management. As a result, there is lack of much in the way of displays and artifacts. The best source of info in the museum come from the people that work and volunteer there. They are all very knowledgeable on the subject of Poe and his life. Hopefully in time they will make enough money from donations, sales and entry fees to be able to afford more displays and artifacts but as it is, the people there are a font of Poe knowledge and help make up for the sparseness of the museum.

As it is, the house itself is pretty interesting in the glimpse you get into life in the mid 1800s. The house is tiny. Tiny rooms, tiny stairs, tinier stairs... It's fairly interesting. The price of admission is a little high for what you see/get but it goes to a good cause in helping preserve the place and expand on what they exhibit.

Just a note: The house isn't in the nicest area. It's a short walk to the closest bus stop and a bit longer walk to a nicer/safer feeling part of town. Just be prepared for that. Call for a cab to pick you up if you don't feel safe. Traveling alone or if you are there after dark, I'd be a little more careful... But just plan ahead and you will be fine. We walked back to our hotel from the museum and had 0 problems.

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So who was Edgar Allan Poe? The above excerpt does a pretty good job explaining why that question is difficult to answer. There are thousands of biographies in all types of media that attempt to delve into the life of Edgar Allan Poe. Some do a quite successful job, while others do not. In my opinion, “Who Was Edgar Allan Poe” by Jim Gigliotti, hit the mark! If you’re not familiar with the popular kids series, “Who Is?/What Was?/Where Is?” they are an easy-to-read 100 page book that cover many historical people/places all over the world.

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the life of Edgar Allan Poe The life of Edgar Allan Poe (1809–49) is the quintessential writer’s biography—great works arising from a life of despair, poverty, alcoholism, and a mysterious solitary death. It may seem like a cliché now, but it was Poe who helped shape this idea in the popular imagination. Despite or perhaps even inspired by his many hardships, Poe wrote some of the most well-known poems and intricately crafted stories in American literature. In ,Kevin J. Hayes argues that Poe’s work anticipated many of the directions Western thought would take in the century to come, and he identifies links between Poe and writers and artists such as Walter Benjamin, Salvador Dalí, Sergei Eisenstein, and Jean Cocteau.

The life of Edgar Allan Poe might be considered an un ..

Take a dark and mysterious journey into the life of Edgar Allan Poe. This imaginative musical uses Poe's poetry and short stories as its base and his shifting obsession with the women in his life as its catalyst. With hauntingly beautiful melodies, Nevermore breathes new life into Poe's work and explores a twisted true-life tale that is as bizarre as his classic stories of the macabre.

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