The Light in the Forest is a novel first published in 1953 by U.S

The Light in the "enlightened" me in various ways. It illustrates the spiritual relationship between Indians and nature as contrasted to the whites attitude. Indians live with nature, appreciating its beauty and enjoying its comfort while whites' seem to ignore the beauty and value nature only according to its productive usefulness. In The Light in the Forest, whites, for example, cut down the forest and clear land for farming.

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- You can watch The Light in the Forest online on video-on-demand services (Netflix), pay-TV or movie theaters with original audio in English. This film has been premiered in theaters in 1958 (). The DVD and Blu-Ray edition of full movie was sold some time after its official release in theaters.

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There are no featured audience reviews yet. Click the link below to see what others say about The Light in the Forest! James MacArthur, the adopted son of playwright Charles MacArthur and eminent thespian Helen Hayes, was already twenty-years-old, somewhat over the hill for an adolescent. But he had a remarkable physique, and perhaps more importantly, his only major acting role so far was The Young Stranger (1957), a juvenile delinquent exploitation film in which his character demonstrates no interest in girls whatsoever, just an intense, arguably romantic bond with his best buddy. . At this point in MacArthur’s career, Disney hired him to play adventure boys four times: in The Light in the Forest (1958), Third Man on the Mountain (1959), Kidnapped (1960), and Swiss Family Robinson (1960). In all but Kidnapped, he must both flex his muscles and kiss a girl, regardless of how alien girl-craziness is to the original story.

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"The Light in the Forest," is written by the Pine Grove author, Conrad Richter. Richter’s message of the story was to teach us about different cultures. He also enforces that skin color doesn’t matter. Richter made the message even clearer by using foil characters. These foil characters help to show readers the similarities and differences of the characters.

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Conrad Richter presents a historic fictional work describing the colonial frontier in The Light in the Forest. True Son, born as John Butler, was captured by the Lenni Lenape Indians at the age of four. He was adopted by them and raised as the son of their chief, Cuyloga. He became a part of the Indian culture. Later the Indians made a treaty with the whites and all white captives were to be returned to their people, including 15-year-old True Son. However, True Son had learned to hate the white men and their ways. The 1958 Walt Disney Production of The Light In the Forest is an adaptation of the same-titled Conrad Richter novel which tells the story of a white baby kidnapped by Indians in 1760s America. Fast forward 18 years and the youth (James MacArthur), due to a treaty between the Indians and the ruling British faces the choice of returning to his rightful people or remaining in the only life he's ever known. Resistant at first, the youth, with the help of an Indian scout (Disney staple Fess Parker), slowly begins to assimilate himself back into his birthright. His racist uncle (Wendell Corey) makes the transition more difficult as he's vowed to kill any and all "redskins" that cross his path.

Filmed in Tennessee and California, The Light In the Forest presents a departure from the standard Disney "safe" subject matter by tackling issues usually left to more "adult" film-makers. The film is also notable for providing the film debut of a young Carol Lynley as the youth's love interest.