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The social conflict theory as developed by economist and social analyst Karl Marx, believe that money is the instrument that causes disorders in the society. Due to the differing interests of the different classes in a community, those who held the economic power were able to abuse those who are economically-disadvantaged people. Hence, people in the lower classes, by any means, seek to enhance their wealth or financial state.

While the Social Conflict Theory would be a convenient explanation, Widner et al

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Karl Marx is considered to be the 'father' of the social conflict theory Basically, social conflict theory stemmed because workers are demoralized in a capitalist society and they are caught up in a vicious cycle and a process that leads to crime and violence. More recently some criminologists, in the early 1990’s such as Messner and Rosenfeld have tried to argue against Marx and explain something a little different about the social conflict theory, but as Barbara Simms put it eloquently in her article “Crime, Punishment and the American Dream: toward a Marxist integration”, she mentions that Messner and Rosenfeld although came up with a decent theory failed to make the connection between Marx and their theory which is the reason their theory does take hold.

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One could say that the empirical analysis of the social conflict theory is everywhere and has been measured time and time again, but the reality of this theory and the power of this theory are such that it does not necessarily need empirical verification, as it is something that people can see and measure everyday around them. Measuring with precise numbers is not necessary when you live in this society and you witness everyday the inequities among people of different classes and among people, simply. One way that we could measure empirical validity is to see the logic of the process of social conflict theory. When someone put a small emphasis on legitimate means to achieve but an overemphasis on monetary success, it creates frustration when people are unable to accumulate the material goods that they feel they deserve and it leads to a relative deprivation which is to say that there is a discrepancy between the values of expectations and the values of capabilities to fulfill those expectations, but as Cloward and Ohlin put it, people engage in criminal activities to accumulate the goods that their culture has told them was their heritage.

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