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You’ll be asked to choose the terms of access when you submit your thesis. At present, access to the etheses is limited to current Reed students, faculty, staff, and alumni or from computers on campus. The online archive may eventually become a public collection but we will not include your thesis unless you have given us permission to do so. Public access allow you easy access to your thesis after you have graduated and will allow researchers from beyond the Reed community to benefit from the excellent research being done here at Reed.

If you are making my thesis available online, are you assuming copyright of my thesis?

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You must submit the Embargo Request Form to the FGPS before you deposit your thesis online. Under the terms of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, 2008 making your thesis online is a form of publication, and this could affect you if you are hoping to have your thesis published by an academic publisher in the future. Some publishers do not take into account theses having been previously made available in a repository, whilst others do, so if you are planning to have submit for publication, you need to consider requesting an embargo on your thesis being made available.

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All graduate students must submit the final version of their thesis online using uO Research within a month of their defence. Follow the steps below in order to submit:

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The goal of the Online Education System is to provide a set of new capabilities that enhances the traditional classroom experience. By applying the benefits of the Internet to teaching and learning, the system helps the teaching staff perform their duties more efficiently and enhances the students' learning experiences by making a wider range of resources readily accessible. The education system models the classroom as a database-backed Web service, where members of each class belong to well-defined groups of users. As a result, these user communities can remotely interact with other users, have asynchronous access to information, and manage their individual roles/contributions as a community member. What does this translate to the system's application to education? Students can obtain help from the teaching staff remotely during online office hours. They can share knowledge and help answer each other's questions when the teaching assistant is not available. The teaching staff can collaboratively develop course materials and distribute them via a centralized mechanism. Instead of collecting student grades from many TAs, each maintaining his/her records differently, professors have immediate access to all student data in a single format, managed by one database. Finally, all users have access to a reliable archive of all news, announcements, and activities that are relevant to them.Via the online education system, a student should be able to interact with other students through both asynchronous and synchronous collaboration. Asynchronous collaboration is a more traditional concept in Web-based communities, where users interact with each other through non-real-time forms of communication. Asynchronous collaboration is widespread today via online question and answer forums (e.g. bulletin boards) and email forms. Synchronous collaboration, on the other hand, is gaining more presence as real-time interaction becomes more crucial in the way people are using the Internet today. For our system, synchronous collaboration means students can interact with other students or the class instructor in real-time via a Web browser. A chat forum allows students to discuss an assignment with other students or ask a teaching assistant on duty to explain a concept. A Java-based white board program further enhances synchronous collaboration by allowing exchange of ideas using a real-time drawing program. Offering students the ability to communicate without being limited to the standard character set on a keyboard is especially useful for class material that involve more than just prose, such as complex equations, drawings, or algorithms.