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Let us consider some points that you should highlight in a Tourism essay with eco degradation as the theme. Select a popular tourist destination in a remote area say, a tropical forest or a heritage site. Then explain how tourism has affected the locality by mentioning:

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Tourism is the practice that involves travelling for enjoyment and pleasure. It has also become an industry that provides services to the travelers. You might be asked at any point of your academic life to prepare an essay on tourism. For that you need to explore this section of Researchomatic where there are hundreds of topics available on tourism essays.

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A tourism essay is always interesting to read as it is synonymous with leisure and fun 5. Proofreading
Once the essay has been written it should be proof read to make sure that all the information in the essay is authentic and up to date, as people reading a tourism essay would require the latest information on travel and your entire essay is dependent on authenticity of the content , hence getting it proof read is vital.

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On the other hand, tourists essays produced additional amount of waste and local authorities have to deal with that problem. Moreover by choose flights on a low-cost airlines people pollute the surroundings . We have to remember that cleaning up the natural habitat and protect the environment from conservatory effect and ozone layer is very expensive. So you had better think twice before you decide to go on a long and arduous journey. also you buttress the development of the country as far as the infrastructure is concerned.

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