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I was listening to the radio the other day and imagine my surprise when I discovered a song sung by a group named Dave Dee, Dozey, Beaky, Mick And Tich and then soon after someone mentioned them on tv's popular Pointless quiz show. Can anybody tell me if I'm living in some sort of Truman Show reality tv series? It is starting to feel like the most likely explanation.

Can anybody tell me if I'm living in some sort of Truman Show reality tv series

Agreed. I can’t watch it anymore. It’s meaningless tripe. I watch and read people’s commentaries and synthesize it with my own experiences with my own eyes and gut feelings. There’s so much propaganda and mind control myths being spewed into the ethosphere. Even so, I think people are realizing their spiritual world has been hijacked by foreign terrorists. Anyone with half a brain is beginning to sense something is profoundly wrong with our 9/11 Truman Show reality we’ve spoon fed.

Philosophy and Film: The Truman Show, a Reality for Whom?

truman show reality. If you ever talk to a writer who denigrates Thompson as a mere personality or raconteur, you can bet that he’s one of the worker-bees whose job is to prop up the web of deception that make up our Truman Show reality. Hunter Thompson’s approach will always be a threat both to those principals who deserve to be skewered, and to all the lackeys whose jobs depend on continuing and promulgating the Big Lie. Those who don’t “get” Thompson (or perhaps who get him too well) are for the most part cardboard-souled, flat, one-dimensional weasels with a pursed-lipped prose style who are put off by the fact that his writing, even when it approaches self-parody, is infinitely more interesting and insightful than their meticulous, balanced, hive-produced product.

Well As terrible as the fact is, it is still a reality

The Truman Show’ Returns as TV Series – Will You Watch?