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One distinction that may have an effect on the right type of dress is what type of pageant it is in which the girl is participating. The two main types of pageants are glitz pageants and natural or scholarship pageants. In a glitz pageant, there is much more widespread use of makeup, hair extensions, and even fake teeth, which are known as flippers. On the other hand, some of these items can actually disqualify a contestant from a natural pageant. In terms of dresses, glitz pageants will usually be true to their name. Glitz pageant dresses are often covered in and are much more glamorous and elaborate than natural pageant dresses. Knowing if a pageant is glitz or natural is a key to choosing the right dress for a particular event.

There are two basic types of beauty pageants for children: glitz and natural

There are many different types of beauty pageants held every year, including, muscle builder's pageants, bikini contests, photogenic pageants. These title holders, are chosen on many criteria like whether they cute, beautiful, funny, comical, daring, outrageous and so on. There are on-line beauty pageants too, wherein a winner is selected on a monthly or even weekly basis.

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There are basically three types of pageants; glitz, semi glitz and natural Christmas pageant costumes are worn for two types of pageants. The first is a living Nativity or a play reenacting the day that Jesus was born. The other is a concert that typically consists of children singing Christmas carols and hymns. Religious and biblical costumes are worn for the Nativity, consisting of shepherd costumes, wise man costumes and angel costume and a Mary costume. These days, churches tend to relax the rules for children's Christmas pageant concerts and allow them to wear Santa hats, although many prefer a chorus of angels instead.

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Despite the numerous types of pageants that we have today, the secrets to winning any, of them remains the same. The principles required to win a local pageant are the same for an international pageant.

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The main three different types of beauty pageants are glitz, semi-glitz, and natural. Discover their differences and similarities and any information needed if you want to get started in the pageant world.In mastering the pageant interview, you need to ask the director what type of interview style the system uses. There are 5 different types of beauty pageant interview styles: one-on-one interview, panel interview, press conference style (or media) interview, on-stage questions, and talk show style. How to prepare for and have a winning pageant interview will be much easier once you know the style of interview and understand how each one is conducted.