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Romance! Murder! Dancing! Honest Abe's hometown puts a teacher on trial for asking "Was Lincoln gay?" in this new comedy of political "values". See the events through the eyes of the prosecution, defense or big city reporter. You decide the order! ". . . Ingenious, hilarious." - Variety.

: A musical about Abe's hometown putting a teacher on trial for asking "Was Lincoln gay?"

Finally, at about 9:45am, Today got to their much-plugged story. Ann Curry announced: "Now to an interesting question that has surfaced about one of this country's most revered Presidents nearly 150 years later. Was Abraham Lincoln gay? Here's NBC's Bob Faw."

Was Abraham Lincoln gay or bisexual

Was Lincoln gay? Is there more to learn about Abraham Lincoln? Undoubtedly. But was Abraham Lincoln gay? In the words of U.S. News & World Report, "Nah, forget about it."

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One theatrical presentation, "Ghosts of the Library," which incorporates BRC-created Holavision to create ghostly images of Lincoln and other historical figures, goes beyond special effects to pose what Rogers calls "the taboo question — the one every seventh-grader wants to know. And no, it's not, 'Was Lincoln gay?' It's 'Why does anybody have to study history?' "

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A homosexual Lincoln would play on some personal biases andpolitical leanings of mine. In fact, one of my first thoughtsupon reading Was Lincoln Gay , was how anxious Iwas to see the look on the faces of certain homophobicacquaintances. A gay president , LINCOLN himself, would also be apotent argument against discrimination based on sexuality.2.
NBC's Today spent much of Tuesday's show incessantly plugging an upcoming story about a book by a gay advocate which claims that President Abraham Lincoln was gay. Katie Couric, for instance, contrasted Lincoln's image of honesty with the new charge: "He's famous, of course, as 'Honest Abe,' but was former President Abraham Lincoln not completely honest when it came to his sexuality?" Ann Curry set up the eventual story: "Now to an interesting question that has surfaced about one of this country's most revered Presidents nearly 150 years later. Was Abraham Lincoln gay?" That story included those who don't buy the idea, but also featured gay activist Larry Kramer who used the opportunity to trash modern Republicans: "Hateful people who hate us, who belong to his party will leave us alone now for awhile out of deference to their founder who is one of us now more than he is one of them." Earlier, Curry, to guffaws from the rest of the Today cast, had mistakenly asserted that the new book "claims that President Clinton may have been gay."PORTLAND, Ore. - NAIA powerhouse Lewis & Clark State College took it to the Pioneers on Saturday afternoon 9-0. Coach Kai Fong's squad of predominantly international players was just too much for the Pioneers to handle. Doubles action was quick at the #3 spot with Quentin Wacquez and Sam Tozer blanking and 8-0. 6'5" Anders Tischer and 6' 2" Jeff Lowndes proved to be too big of an obstacle for the number one duo of and . The warriors would take that match 8-3. Rounding out the sweep of doubles was Lincoln Gay and Alberton Sanz who claimed a tight victory over Carter Gee Taylor and Scott Monsmith. The Pioneer duo broke serve to stay in the match at 6-7, but ultimately got broken themselves to drop the decision. -- 9am, Couric: "Plus we're going to be talking with the author of a new book that claims one past President may have led an alternative lifestyle."
Al Roker, mimicking a Seinfeld line: "Not that there's anything wrong with that."
Couric: "Exactly!"

-- A bit later, Couric: "And still to come this morning on Today."
Holt: "Was Abraham Lincoln actually gay? We'll open the book on the latest controversy."