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If homework was graded, a student with parents who are fluent in that language can pretty much tell all the answers to him/her. This is unfair to other students. Students should be given equal opportunity in an equal learning environment, but of course effort can be put in to guarantee success. The point here is that a Homework Ban would not be a bad idea in this case. Homework regulations are irrelevant because the opposition is supposed to be proving why a Homework Ban IS a bad idea.

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Some students crave it, but most students will respond with "I hate homework" and will tell you why homework is bad with comments like, "we do enough work at school", "its too hard", "it takes too long" or "homework should be banned". To them its a 2 x 4 letter dirty word!

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Reasons why homework is bad for students, STEP Before you how to write a thesis for a persuasive essay techniques, style, literary form. Maybe in-class assignments are a great way to strengthen writing skills. But what about thinking about and preparing a good essay for specific subjects? I'm in college and have taken challenging courses related to political and social topics that couldn't have been done properly if they were only done in class. The mind can't come up with a quality essay in that short period. For a quality essay one needs to begin thinking and discussing the topic in class but needs to rest the mind for long periods and come back to it. "No homework" doesn't work for deeper, more involved subjects where writing is more than "strengthening writing skills". Some of these essays were 10 pages but doing them greatly enriched by understanding. You can't assign a 10-page essay if you are bound by law to make the students complete it all in a single period. This one problem alone is enough for why a homework ban is bad. I'll grant it's unlikely most students would be taking such involved courses before college, but a homework ban prohibits this, leaving the most gifted to have to take less involved, more boring classes.

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