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During the Second World War, Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler were mortal enemies. Before that, however, the two future leaders fought a mere ten miles away from one another on the Great War's Western Front. And along with their guns, they also brought their paint brushes.

Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler are often thought of as polar opposites

Decided to make another rap battle enjoy!
This is not intended to offend anyone!
Many of the things says are quotes, each character has said.
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Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler never had reason to meet, let alone get to know each other. When I was inside the museum, I could not resist taking photos with some of the famous figures, like Elvis Presley (the Rock and Roll King), the Beatles (the famous English singing pop group in the 60′s), Michael Jackson (the famous moonwalker), Marilyn Monroe (the sexy and beautiful actress), Kylie Minogue (a famous Australian singer), John Wayne (the husky-voiced and macho cowboy hero), Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana, and heads of states, like Bush, Tony Blair, Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler.

Waxwork models of Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler

One of the great ironies of the Second World War was that unlike WinstonChurchill Adolf Hitler was not only empowered in a legitimate election butwas overwhelmingly popular. Churchill was never elected to be Britain'swar leader. He assumed leadership after a House of Commons coup, backed bythe Jewish financed war lobby.

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