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That’s interesting, because when Winston Churchill and Hitler met – they did meet, they met in 1940 in France – Hitler addressed Churchill and treated Churchill as though Churchill was the King of England, because Winston Churchill was the father of Princess Elizabeth – the Princess Regent.

During the Second World War, Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler were mortal enemies

"Nobody with any sense could believe that we could teach the Second World War - a statutory requirement - without covering Winston Churchill and Hitler," he added.

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Both Winston Churchill and Hitler have been killed by Sieglinde and Siegmund, respectively * One random would summon Winston Churchill and Hitler and make them do it for me by questioning their organisational skills, and if needed their manhood. Who hasn't contemplated a UFC style fight between thies two? This way the job gets done and there is entertainment afterwards.

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Geert « Winston » Wilders, Dutch deputy fighting islamo-fascism, is because he is warning European people against islamo-fascism with his movie . Dhimmis harassing him obviously have a defective memory.
Let’s remember, and let us remember them (check ), that both Winston Churchill and Adolf Hitler had the same opinion about islam : a totalitarian and violent religion. Churchill denounced and warned about that ideology when Hitler admired it.

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As a writer primarily of spy thrillers - ''XPD'' is about a clandestine meeting between Winston Churchill and Hitler in June 1940, to discuss the possibility of England's surrender - Mr. Deighton follows a long British literary tradition. ''I came to writing spy books because I didn't know enough about police procedure, for instance, to write those kinds of books,'' he said. ''So I wrote my first books the way people would write science fiction, because they gave me much more latitude to invent situations.'' Enlightenment came to me suddenly and unexpectedly one afternoon in March [1939] when I was walking up to the school notice board to see whether my name was on the list for tomorrow’s football game. I was not on the list. And in a blinding flash of inner light I saw the answer to both my problems, the problem of war and the problem of injustice. The answer was amazingly simple. I call it Cosmic Unity. Cosmic Unity said: There is only one of us. We are all the same person. I am you and I am Winston Churchill and Hitler and Gandhi and everybody. There is no problem of injustice because your sufferings are also mine. There will be no problem of war as soon as you understand that in killing me you are only killing yourself. [Dyson, 1979, p 17, quoted in Kolak, 2004, p xiii]