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TONY HOWARD [Curator - Shakespeare On Film Series] Tony Howard is the principal investigator of the UK based Project British, Black And Asian Shakespeare. He is Profesor of English at Warwick University and specialises in the relationship between performance and politics. In 2009 he organised a celebration of Paul Robeson’s career, involving exhibitions and stage and radio documentaries. He is the author of Women as Hamlet: Performance as Interpretation in Theatre, Film and Fiction (CUP 2007). He curated a season of Shakespeare films from round the world for the Cultural Olympiad and works closely with Shakespeare's Globe. He has had plays and (working with Barbara Bogoczek) translations performed at Stratford East, the Royal Court, Riverside Studios and Battersea Arts Centre.

Eight women as Hamlet including Katherine Hepburn, Maggie Smith, Eliza Coupe, Jennifer Saunders.

Also, he and Green cited the long tradition of women taking on the famed role; in his research Machula even found a book, "Women as Hamlet," at the University of Illinois Library.

Gale then turned to Tony Howard and asked why women as Hamlet

Howard, Tony, Women as Hamlet: Performance and Interpretation in Theatre, Film and Fiction “Tony Howard’s lively and informative study draws our attention to the fact that the extensive history of Shakespeare’s most famous character includes an extraordinary and rather unexpected presence of women including, remarkably, the first Hamlet on film and, in all likelihood, the first Hamlet on the radio (1). Howard tells us that since the mid-nineteenth century more than two hundred professional actresses across the globe have played the role of the procrastinating protagonist and his Women as Hamlet impressively examines a wide selection of those performances in the theatre and on film as well as looking to representations in other media including the visual arts and fiction.

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I found Susan Bennett’s review of Tony Howard’s book Women As Hamlet: Performance And Interpretation In Theatre, Film, And Fiction. I’m curious about this book myself, and this review was very helpful. I would link to it, but it’s a PDF. So here is the whole text:

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