World Trade Center Attack: Unanswered Questions

Responding to the possible threat of terrorism posed to Canada in the wake of the 2001 World Trade Centre attack, Parliament rapidly passed the Anti-Terrorism Act in December of that
year. The Senate struck the Special Committee on the Anti-Terrorism Act in 2004 to study the Act's implementation, and has renewed its mandate ever since.

December 11: Michael Ellison reports on the continuing mood of anxiety in New York three months after the World Trade Centre attack. (2mins 45)

Today’s September 12th interview with Zaakir seemed to begin in perfect synch with where last November’s interview with Charli2Na had left off; The World Trade Centre attack. Though both Charli2Na and Zaakir are of the same mind that the U.S Government was some how involved, Zaakir was less reluctant to impart information, like his comrade was.

SPEED - Scene from "9/11: WORLD TRADE CENTER ATTACK" on Vimeo

Terrorist hijackers destroyed the World Trade Center and attacked the Pentagon Tuesday, reportedly killing thousands. The toll in the World Trade Centre attack stood at 5,422 missing, with 218 confirmed dead, after six days of rescue efforts at the smoking ruins of the 110-story twin towers. Of the dead, only 152 have been identified.

World Trade Center Attack (Holy Jihad)

The United States of America currency replaced the Gold Standard in international money markets. This had to be done to bring about a massive sigil magic voodoo / miracle style event. This event was the World Trade Centre attack of 2001. The money issued with all the sigil magic markers and subliminal suggestions were created for the and came into circulation in late 2000. The combined energy hype from the Y2K fiasco had already placed the population of the industrialized world in a hypnotic trance which was deep enough to react to, and be manipulated by, the sigil symbolism and suggestion in the 2001 Series of Bills. Follow closely and consider all the implications that show that the United States administration, since the foundation of the USA as a country, formulated this sigil magic show through the Freemasonic leaders, religious, political and financial, who learn the methods of spiritism, miracles, voodoo and magic, which form the basis of manipulating matter one molecule at a time. This is called . This is called . This is called .

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