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You have been asked to write a character reference for someone going to court because this person has broken the law. A character reference is a letter and includes your opinion of this person.

When writing a reference list in the Harvard style you need to remember the following:

Recent case law also indicates that there can be a legal obligation on a current or recent employer to provide a reference, as refusal to do so may damage the individual's opportunity of gaining employment. If any manager or Head of Department has a concern about writing a reference for an existing or past employee (s)he should contact his/her HR team for advice.

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How to Write a Reference by Ben_Longjas When writing a reference you have a duty of care to both the subject of the reference and the recipient of the reference. A reference must always be true, accurate and fair. It must not give a misleading overall impression and must not be unduly selective. If you do not satisfy these requirements it might be possible for the subject of the reference to claim defamation, malicious falsehood or negligence. The recipient of the reference might claim fraudulent misstatement or negligent misstatement.

What should we pay attention while writing a reference letter?

Before writing a reference for either a member of staff or a student it is useful to understand the role of references, types of reference and the laws that apply to references:

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A reference letter is often written to support a person's skills, achievements and abilities. They are requested when a person is applying to a school, scholarship program and for a job or promotion. Write a reference letter by understanding what the person who asked for the reference wants, and describing how you know the candidate and why he or she would be good for the job, program or situation. If someone has asked you to write a character reference for him/her, it means that you must know the person pretty well, and are willing to attest to that person's character. Some people may have experience with the idea of how to write a character reference for another person, but for others who are unaccustomed to this task and get asked to do it for the first time, they may have questions. Whether it's for a job, an academic program or even a court-related letter, the person who is writing the character reference should understand some basic things about this document in order to address the necessary issues. First-time writers of a character reference can take advantage of some of the most common and fundamental tips from those who have written this type of letter before.At , we know that writing a reference for someone can be difficult. It is not an easy thing to simply write about a person's qualifications, and a professional reference is a vital document in the professional world. Check out the guide below on how to write a reference, and if you still need some help, we offer the following services: