So much is at stake in writing a conclusion

It can be difficult to write an essay conclusion, so the best way to get started is to simply start writing. Do not worry about the quality of he conclusion while writing the first draft; the writer can re-write and revise in subsequent drafts. Do not get hung up on grammatical concerns, spelling, and punctuation in the first draft. All of these things can be fixed later on. Just get the ideas on paper and work from there.

Writing an essay Conclusion

The essay conclusion should not, however, be a re-statement of the thesis word for word. It should, instead, give the reader an easy summation to remember or reflect upon so when they finish reading the essay, they walk away still thinking about the topic and the arguments presented. The best way to write an essay conclusion is to first make a brief outline of the entire paper. This outline should include the thesis statement and a list of the supporting points covered in the paper. This will help the writer keep track of the main ideas that need to be summarized in the essay conclusion.

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Writing an essay conclusion

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